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Alinea Lingua is an internationally operating translation agency that over the years has become an established point of contact for companies both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We supply professional business translations into and from virtually every language and in widely diverse fields. Thanks to our approach, our translations meet the most stringent quality requirements and, depending on size, can be delivered quickly.

We can also handle large projects and we maintain a permanent pool of translators for regular repeat assignments. It goes without saying that we always double-check every finished product before delivery.

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Juridische vertaling - Vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua


Certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Native speakers with a university education

Double-checking by a proofreader

NEN-EN-gecertificeerd vertaalbureau
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Our specialist fields
juridische vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua Medische vertaling - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua Technische vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua

legal translations

Legal translations
We have over 25 years of experience in the translation of legal documents, which gives an indication of the quality of our work. Our specialised legal translators provide reliable and accurate translations of documents ranging from summonses, deeds, judgements, written pleadings and writs to contracts and general terms and conditions.

medical & pharmaceutical translations

Medical and pharmaceutical translations
Alinea Lingua is the translation agency of choice for several multinationals in the medical sector and has many years of experience with the translation of SmPCs, PILs, medical records, test reports and professional literature. Our medical translators are familiar with the correct medical terminology and produce clear and accurate translations.


ict / technical translations

ICT/Technical translations
Whether the job involves product descriptions, manuals, safety instructions or building specifications, our technical translators use clear wording, have an understanding of the functioning of the product and are familiar with the relevant terminology.

Chemische vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua Financiële vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua Commerciële vertalingen & media-vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua

chemical translations

Chemical translations
We translate documents ranging from MSDSs, research reports and information leaflets to brochures, registration procedures and press releases. Our specialised translators are well versed in the fields of pharmacy and chemistry. The consistent use of terminology is essential, which is why we compile terminology lists free of charge for our clients.


financial translations

Financial translations
Knowledge of the financial world and the appropriate terminology is extremely important for financial translations. We translate a wide range of financial documents including annual reports, fiscal recommendations, contracts, acquisition and reorganisation reports, brochures, articles of association and investment plans. Our financial translators have the knowledge and experience required to produce accurate translations.
media & commercial translations

Commercial and media translations
Whether you require the translation of a press release, a website, promotional material, a production manual, voice-overs or subtitles, our commercial translators can meet your needs. They know how to put your message over effectively, using appropriate language for the target group.

Additional information
Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua Blog - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua beëdigde vertalingen - vertaalbureau Alinea Lingua
corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
In our vision, CSR refers to the way in which a company functions in society, with consideration for the interests of society and the environment on the one hand and for the interests of the company, its employees and its clients on the other hand.

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Consistency in translation
If you have several documents translated, it is preferable for frequently occurring terms to be translated consistently. We offer the option of compiling client-specific terminology lists. For this you simply provide your preferred terms together with your translation assignment.


sworn translations

Sworn translations
We can also provide sworn (certified) translations if required. Of course, for this we use a sworn translator who is registered with the relevant court.