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We always aim to offer our clients the best possible price. If you would like more detailed price information and/or a no-obligation quote, you can contact us via:
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Excellent value for money
We do not offer the cheapest translation service in the Netherlands, but thanks to our professional approach and effective working methods we probably offer the best value for money. After all, you do not want a translation that is full of errors even if the price is slightly lower. Incidentally, if you become one of our regular clients you will be eligible for a volume discount. The size of this discount will depend on the quantity of text we receive from you on an annual basis and will be awarded at the end of each calendar year. It can amount to quite a considerable saving.

Quick delivery
Delivery times are determined in consultation with the client and can be extremely quick. If you have a large assignment requiring a fast turnaround, we can deploy several translators at the same time if desired, without compromising on quality. One translator can translate an average of two thousand words a day at the high standard of quality we require. If you believe we may be of service to you, please contact us without obligation.

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Korte levertijd & hoge kwaliteit
All languages and specialist fields
Alinea Lingua supplies translations into and from virtually every language and in the fields listed under 'specialist fields'. To keep our standards high, we work with a carefully selected pool of translators in the Netherlands and abroad, all of whom are, of course, native speakers and highly competent translators with comprehensive knowledge of the latest developments in their specialist fields, including the latest terminology.

Quality and reliability
Alinea Lingua delivers a quality product. As explained on the company profile and procedures pages, we devote exceptional attention to your translation assignment - and quite rightly so!
University-educated translators
All translators are native speakers
Double-checks by a proofreader
ISO-certified / DIN-EN-registered
All documents are handled confidentially

Client-specific terminology lists
In consultation with the client, we can store the terminology that goes with a particular text in our database so that it can be used for subsequent assignments.

Translations are always double-checked by a proofreader Every translation is double-checked, with the emphasis placed on accuracy, completeness and spelling. You are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss exceptional or unusual assignments. As a professional translation agency, we have brought many a challenge to a successful conclusion.


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sworn translations

Sworn translations
We can also provide sworn (certified) translations if required. Of course, for this we use a sworn translator who is registered with the relevant court.

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corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
In our vision, CSR refers to the way in which a company functions in society, with consideration for the interests of society and the environment on the one hand and for the interests of the company, its employees and its clients on the other hand.

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specialist fields

Specialist fields
Alinea Lingua translates a wide range of documents in all specialist fields, including legal, medical, technical and commercial documents. Further information on specific areas of expertise can be found here.

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