Sworn translations
We can also provide sworn (certified) translations if required. Of course, for this we use a sworn translator who is registered with the relevant court.

  When is a sworn translation required?
The sworn translation of a document may be required due to the fact that official documents are not automatically recognised outside the country of origin. In the case of a sworn translation, an official declaration is attached to the translation and the source text. This declaration confirms that the translation is a faithful reproduction of the original document and it also states the court with which the sworn translator is registered.

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  When is an apostille required?
In 1961 a number of countries signed the Apostille Convention aimed at abolishing the very time-consuming and expensive process required for the legalisation of public documents and replacing this with the simpler apostille procedure. An apostille is a declaration by a competent authority relating to the authenticity of the signature on a sworn statement.

When is legalisation required?
In the case of countries that have not signed the Apostille Convention, a more extensive legalisation process is often required. First of all the signatures on the document have to be checked for authenticity, after which the document has to be submitted to various authorities such as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant embassy or consulate. Whether or not a document has to be legalised depends on the type of document and the country for which the document is intended. Legalisation is often required in cases for which a sworn translation alone is not officially recognised by the relevant authority. The legalisation process ensures that the document in question is accepted as an official translation.


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legal translations

Legal translations

We have over 25 years of experience in the translation of legal documents, which gives an indication of the quality of our work. Our specialised legal translators provide reliable and accurate translations of documents ranging from summonses, deeds, judgements, written pleadings and writs to contracts and general terms and conditions.
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corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
In our vision, CSR refers to the way in which a company functions in society, with consideration for the interests of society and the environment on the one hand and for the interests of the company, its employees and its clients on the other hand.

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