"You can provide your preferred terms together with your translation assignment. These terms will be stored in our terminology database to ensure consistent use in future assignments."

If you have several documents translated, it is preferable for frequently occurring terms to be translated consistently as this enhances the readability and clarity of the texts. That is why we offer the option of compiling client-specific terminology lists. You supply the terms commonly used within your business together with your translation assignment, and we store these terms in our terminology database to ensure consistent use in future assignments.

  Preferred terms
If a text is translated by five different translators, you will get five different results. This does not mean that some translations are better and that others are incorrect. It simply means that the interpretation is slightly different or that the translator has a preference for certain words or sentence constructions. You probably have your own preferences and ideas relating to how you want the message in the text to be communicated. You can pass on these preferences to us by means of a terminology list so that our translator can take this into account and use your preferred terms. In addition to terminology use, you can also express your preference for the style of writing. How formal should the text be? Can certain names, positions or concepts be given in English, for example, or should they be translated and/or explained? By reaching agreement on these issues we can ensure that the translation fully satisfies all your wishes and demands.
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Translation memory

Many translators use a TM, or translation memory. This is a translation tool in the form of a database in which all previous translations for a particular client are stored. This tool immediately recognises whether a word, phrase or sentence has been translated in the past and the relevant translation appears on the screen. The translator can then decide whether to accept the translated text or whether it needs modification due to a slight difference in context. The translation memory is a useful aid in producing consistent translations. Furthermore, the preferred terms are stored in the database to ensure consistent use in the future. Another advantage of a translation memory is that it generates cost reductions for the client, as we take into consideration any overlap between new and existing documents as well as repeated sections of text within a single document. As a result, the translator has less new text to translate and translations can be delivered more quickly. Please contact us if you would like a tailored offer.


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sworn translations

Sworn translations
We can also provide sworn (certified) translations if required. Of course, for this we use a sworn translator who is registered with the relevant court.

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corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
In our vision, CSR refers to the way in which a company functions in society, with consideration for the interests of society and the environment on the one hand and for the interests of the company, its employees and its clients on the other hand.

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Read more about requesting a no-obligation quote and about the translation and delivery process.

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